KBA Rapida 145

KBA Rapida 145
A new printing machine!

At the end of 2013 we decided to provide our customers needs with the new printing machine KBA Rapida 145. The Rapida 145 is now one of the most technologically advanced large-format presses on the market.

Many of the ground-breaking innovations realised in the large-format Rapida 145 are unique in this format class. Some were transferred from the medium-format makeready world champion Rapida 106, while others were developed specifically for this new press.

True to the chosen motto “Time is money”, the automation and operating concept of the new large-format series is geared to eliminating unnecessarily time-consuming factors.



Wherever possible, otherwise sequential makeready steps have been integrated into a simultaneous and essentially automated
job changeover process.

The raising of the maximum production speed to 15,000 sheets per hour on the Rapida 145 is a further gift to users focused on high volumes.

Also KBA Rapida 145 is a 6+1 colour printing machine.
Individually tailored models are available to suit the most varied needs, and enable you to serve every segment of your particular job structure profitably, efficiently and in ultimate quality.

Technical specifications                                                                 
Rapida 145
Number of colours 6 colors
IR Varnish YES
Maximum paper format     1450x1060 mm
Minimum paper format 600x500 mm
Maximum printing format 1450x1050 mm
Maximum speed/hour 15,000 sheets/h
Medium speed/hour 13,000 sheets/h
Roland 706 & Planeta Varimat KBA

Roland 706 & Planeta Varimat KBA
2 other printing machines

The 6 and 7-colour Roland (720 mm x 1020 mm format) and Planeta (1020 mm x 1420 mm format) machines, provided with the IR and UV varnishing modules, operated by highly skilled workers, are also among the most important machines for our company’s.

Technical specifications

Planeta Varimat KBA

Technical specifications                                                         
Number of colors 5 colors
UV Varnish YES
IR Varnish YES
Maximum paper format        1020x1420 mm
Minimum paper format 600x850 mm
Maximum printing format 1010x1420 mm
Maximum speed/hour 10,000 sheets/h
Medium speed/hour 4,500 sheets/h

Roland 706

Technical specifications                                                                 
Number of colors 5 colors
Lăcuire IR YES
Maximum paper format        720x1030 mm
Minimum paper format 340x480 mm
Maximum printing format 720x1030 mm
Maximum speed/hour 12,000 sheets/h
Medium speed/hour 8,500 sheets/h