The computer-aided-design (CAD)

All possible samples, taking into account every necessary detail, are manufactured here, before the prototype is selected for the series production.
In the company laboratory, the receipts for the most demanding colour shades are established.

The plotter generation ProDigi was developed by Lasercomb specifically for the high demands of the packaging industry.
Further innovations and high-tech components ensure comprehensive flexibility and convenience at highest speeds.


Computer To Plate (CTP)

The PlateRite Ultima 16000II by Screen Fuji is the latest and newest generation of the PlateRite series.
The 16000 series can image a maximum plate size of 1,470 x 1,165mm and is ideally suited for a wide-range of applications such as packaging, book and commercial printing.

• new GLV™ imaging head
• top productivity of the flagship model
• 31 plates per hour (1,448 x 1,143 mm plates at 2,400 dpi)