Environmental Policy

Activities of TRANSILVANIA PACK & PRINT and TRANSILVANIA PACK & PRINT MICROFLUTE - consisting of the manufacture and sale of labels, cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard boxes are actively managed, ensuring a balance between economic benefits and conservation of environmental quality.
Fully aware about the importance of obtaining superior environment results, the top management of the company is committed for the purposes of:

        • all activities in full compliance with current legislation, customer requirements, and other environmental requirements applicable to its environmental aspects;
        • ensure better management of raw materials and used materials, material waste, water waste and emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere;
        • keeping control of new acquisitions and development in terms of potential environmental issues and also of the utility consumption;
        • ensure an appropriate control of the risk for environment accidental pollution;
        • adopting techniques and solutions based primarily on pollution prevention, and the reduction and control of pollution;
        • continuous improvement of environmental performance, at the same time with economic and social development.

This basic policy for the environmental management system whose goal is the continuous improvement of environmental performance in line and meet the effective participation of every employee, no matter the position held by him in the organization.

iso 14001_1iso 14001

Occupational health and safety

Considering our employees the most important resource that TRANSILVANIA PACK & PRINT and TRANSILVANIA PACK & PRINT MICROFLUTE has, top management of the company has decided to fulfill the documentation, implementation, certification and continuous improvement of the safety management system and occupational health with the referential standard OHSAS 18001: 2008 "Health and safety management system". By quality, cleanliness and safety we present our clients as a western European organization and want these aspects to be experienced by our staff also in their private life through the efforts we are making to increase the level of life and education. The results obtained so far are designed to increase toughness in this direction although social environment in Romania today does not help very much. Belonging to a group, TRANSILVANIA PACK & PRINT and TRANSILVANIA PACK & PRINT MICROFLUTE helps the staff to go through these stages in the best conditions. To coordinate the limited resources available to the organization, we try to make this system to be understood and accepted by all members of this group of people, because otherwise we are no different to any other formal organizations that are implementing these systems, and the cost of forced implementation do not bring added value in the organization.

Top management of the company is committed to:

     • identify hazards, assess and control the risks associated with all activities of the TRANSILVANIA PACK & PRINT and TRANSILVANIA PACK & PRINT MICROFLUTE;
     • provide for the knowledge, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the OSH management system;
     • ensure a high level of performance in the OSH domain, respecting the applicable law;
     • ensure adequate human and material resources and achieve implementation of the OSH policy and objectives;
     • ensure necessary conditions to prepare employees to perform tasks and responsibilities;
     • ensure communication OHS policy to all stakeholders;
     • regularly review the OHS policy and objectives to ensure their continued adequacy and effectiveness.


iso 18001_1iso 18001

Food Safety

The resources that TRANSILVANIA PACK & PRINT and TRANSILVANIA PACK & PRINT MICROFLUTE have and being motivated by the high percentage of products for the food industry, top management of the company has decided documentation, implementation, certification and continuous improvement of food safety system as the referential: SR EN ISO 22000: 2005.
HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a method of systematic approach to ensure food innocuousness, based on the identification, evaluation and control of the risks that may appear in the manufacturing process, handling and distribution of food by customers of TRANSILVANIA PACK & PRINT and SC TRANSILVANIA PACK & PRINT MICROFLUTE. Due to customer needs orientation, HACCP team is focused on compliance with the seven basic principles of good hygiene practices and production:

         • Hazard Analysis
         • Determination of critical control points
         • Establish critical limits
         • Establish procedures to monitor the critical control points
         • Establish corrective actions
         • Establish verification procedures
         • Establish a system of documentation and accurate recording for data.

By applying food safety standards we desire:

     • improved control of food protection in the event of potential hazards that may contaminate food by HACCP need for this;
     • analyzing the current application of HACCP food control activities and the impact it can have on food trade;
     • economic implications with reference to the estimate costs in the organization and benefits to customers;
     • product development conducted in a controlled environment in terms of physico-chemical and microbiological.

iso 22000_1iso 22000