Credo of the Company
"Our goal is to produce and deliver quality products and services in terms of profitability and competitiveness so that our customers, our employees and the company owners are able to notice a permanent improvement."

To achieve this goal we pursue and observe the following:

ORGANIZATION CUSTOMERS: Our primary objective in terms of profitability is that the entire activity of the organization is meeting customer requirements. We prefer those customers able to provide market knowledge, know-how and that want to grow with us.

STAFF OF THE ORGANIZATION: The most important property of the Organization. Our success is directly related to the quality of our employees, the way in which we train them, motivate them and attach values of the organization to them, with the care that we have for all of them.

The organization must exist as a powerful living organism, based on competence, attachment, loyalty and motivation for each individual in it,  be fit to compete in the market where there is a constant struggle for improvement. Enthusiasm, concern over costs, ability to understand and take on responsibilities, simplicity and modesty, care for our neighbor, the belief that things are improving every moment must be the guiding words of the Organization.

PRODUCTS OF THE ORGANIZATION:  Organization success depends on our continuous strengthening assortments, on our ability to provide products, services and new ideas.

QUALITY: The organization must continuously improve their business processes so that it provides quality products and services in close touch with the consumers' wishes.

EFFICIENCY: Being efficient and profitable means creating resources for the future and become more competitive. Efficiency in production, purchasing and design, care for costs of every job, taking care of our employees – they all represent the success of the organization.

ENVIRONMENT: The entire activity of the organization will be held safe for the environment, in accordance with the legal requirements and pollution prevention.