About cardboard boxes

Cardboard is a thick paper, compact and with very little flexibility.

The main types of cardboard used in the manufacture of packages are:
flat cardboard - the difference between paper and cardboard in that it is a layer thicker and more rigid.
duplex cardboard - consists of two different layers of fiber joined wet through pressing.
triplex cardboard - is composed of three different layers of fiber joined wet through pressing.

Cardboard boxes are the most used cardboard packaging and are available in a large number of shapes and sizes with very many uses.

Layer Pads

The cardboard packaging has the following advantages in use:
are environmentally friendly materials, recyclable and non-toxic;
are flexible, lightweight, hygienic and can be fit to come into contact with food;
is characterized by rigidity and good resistance;
are resistant to grease, gas, hydrocarbons, acids (paper treated by coating and laminating)
can be printed.

Some Examples