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Corrugated cardboardWe produce printed corrugated cardboard boxes!

Corrugated cardboard is produced from cellulose and is compound - in the simplest form - of a layer of thin corrugated paper between two layers of flat cardboard. The secret of the strength of the material is the stability of the pressure distribution.
Corrugated cardboard packages are products obtained by processing corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard boxes

Duplex and triplex cardboardWe produce printed cardboard boxes!

Cardboard packages have the following advantages:
• are environmentally friendly materials, recyclable and non-toxic;
• flexible, lightweight, hygienic and can be fit to come in contact with food;
• are characterized by rigidity and good resistance;
• are resistant to grease, gas, hydrocarbons, acids (paper treated by coating and laminating)
• can be printed.

Duplex and triplex cardboard boxes
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